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Actor - Original voice of Mortal Kombat


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Kyle Wyatt is an accomplished actor who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression. His roles are often noted for their unique blend of passion, intensity, and humor. Kyle has created characters that are unforgettable. Kyle has appeared in feature films such as Carlito's Way (1993), Agenda (2007), and Vibrations (1996). He was nominated for several awards by his peers, for his roles throughout College. Kyle has also appeared in more than 200 commercials, voice-over's and in several major theater productions. Born in Dallas, Texas, Kyle Wyatt had spent his early years creating short skits and dances for family and friends. Kyle spent his summers creating his own variety shows, doing imitations and singing for any audience he could muster. He vividly remembers watching movies and analyzing each character. Ever since his earliest days, he was fascinated by acting. Kyle left Longview, Texas in 1987 to attend West Texas State University in Canyon, Texas. He studied music, psychology, and literature, as a student at the University. However, he could not escape the allure of theater and quickly began auditioning for parts in local theater productions. He began reading every screenplay he could find. From classical theater to contemporary film, Kyle's love of acting was uncontrollable. Kyle soon sold his 1968 Volkswagen Bug to get enough money to buy a plane ticket to New York. Kyle was excited to be in New York, where he could study people, and listen to their stories. "I became a student of life," he recalls. A year later, started landing various roles in commercials and voice-overs. Kyle then began attending acting workshops and continued auditioning for any production that would see him. His first acting job was for an Arista Records commercial, shot in Central Park which actually introduced Whitney Houston to the world. Shortly after this, he landed a role in the Mortal Kombat commercial, which later, he describes, the director pulled him out and placed him full front and center to yell the iconic Mortal Kombat scream that is used in all games, videos, DVDs, movie soundtracks and even the Immortal's techno song, which has been used in helping build the Mortal Kombat franchise. It wasn't long before Kyle landed an extra role in a major motion picture - Carlito's Way (1993), alongside Al Pacino and Penelope Ann Miller. His passion for his craft fueled his ambition to be sort of a perfectionist, learning various dialects and studying mannerisms as he continued to attempt to "become that character". Kyle is now working on his first vocal project, which is due to be announced sometime soon. "Kyle's love of acting is infectious", said one student, "Once you see his work, you become mesmerized and drawn into everything he does".


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